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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers for Family members in Minnesota

Drug and alcohol abuse affects different states differently, and Minnesota has made a name for itself as being one of the worst states in the nation for opiate abuse.  This issue traveled upwards into the state from the city of Chicago, the nation’s headquarters for the worst opiate problems in the country.  Just in the last ten years alone, opiate addiction in the form of addiction to heroin and addiction to opiate pain reliever drugs in Minnesota has skyrocketed with more and more of the residents of the state becoming hooked on or hurt by these drugs.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation in Minnesota

Minnesota’s best chance at besting drug and alcohol addiction on a long term scale is by putting those residents who are addicted to drugs and alcohol into and through rehab centers for addiction.  Such rehab centers need to be of an inpatient, residential nature and need to specifically be able to address drug and alcohol addiction.  According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, inpatient rehabilitation is the best chance by far that any addict has of beating their substance abuse problem for good.

Some of Minnesota's rehab programs are:

  • Pine Manor Inc. Chemical Dependency Services is an excellent detoxification center in Nevis that helps people triumph against chemical dependence.
  • Northland Recovery Center Substance Abuse Services is a rehab program in Grand Rapids that offers both inpatient and outpatient services.
  • Dellwood Recovery Center’s Cambridge Medical Center is Cambridge’s main detoxification center that works to help people beat opiate dependence.

(The National Survey on Drug Use and Health,, works to gather information on drug and alcohol abuse so that Americans can be more informed about it.)

The listing showing below is in numeric order by zip code

List of Drugs & Alcohol Addiction Treatments for Family Members in Minnesota

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