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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers for Family members in Rhode Island

Though Rhode Island is a small state, that does not mean that it has a small drug problem.  In fact, on a per capita basis, it actually has a very big drug problem.  The state suffers because the entire Eastern Seaboard has come under the effects of drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation like never before.  The state of Rhode Island has been helped a lot by drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation centers; those who are addicted in this area can tackle substance abuse and actually have a method for confronting it.  However, the issues and the problems are still very real and very present.

Addressing Addiction with Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation

To tackle drug and alcohol addiction successfully, one needs inpatient, residential rehabilitation.  The National Survey on Drug Use and Health surveyed the problem and found that people respond best to inpatient rehabilitation.  Some such centers in Rhode Island are:

  • Exeter, Rhode Island has the Phoenix House of New England’s Phoenix House Exeter Center.  This program is quite well known in this area.  This program specifically helps people to address their drug and alcohol addiction from an inpatient, long term (more than thirty days of care) approach.
  • North Kingstown, Rhode Island has the AdCare Rhode Island Inpatient/Outpatient Program to look to for help with their addiction problem and issues.  This center is especially proficient and helpful in what it does to help people tackle their addiction problems.  This center is very helpful.
  • CODAC North Main is in Providence, Rhode Island, and this center utilizes detoxification and rehabilitation alike to get people off of drugs and alcohol.

(The National Survey on Drug Use and Health,, helps people who are addicted by providing them with resources for rehab centers.)

The listing showing below is in numeric order by zip code

List of Drugs & Alcohol Addiction Treatments for Family Members in Rhode Island

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